ETEAQ combines tree planting, tree tracking and unique iPhone and iPad accessories made with reclaimed teak wood.


Are you also concerned about nature and the environment due to growing pollution and deforestation but have no idea how to contribute to improve the situation? With ETEAQ products, not only will you have a unique accessory for your mobile device made from precious reclaimed teak wood, but you will also be contributing to the environment in an unique way, a world’s first.

With each product purchased a tree has been planted on your behalf. The tree can be precisely located using TreeTracker, a web application developed by ETEAQ using Google Earth (US patent pending): you now know exactly what you are giving back. For tree planting, ETEAQ partners with Trees4Trees, a bespoken Indonesian non-profit dedicated to reforestation efforts throughout Indonesia.

As we want to minimize the eco footprint of our products, all products are made only from recycled highly valuable materials such as reclaimed teak wood coming from old houses from Indonesia.

With ETEAQ you can see exactly what you are giving back to the environment without taking from it.

The word "ETEAQ" is a playful combination of the letter "E" and "TEAK", where we replaced the "K" of "TEAK" with a "Q". ETEAQ is pronounced like the French word "ethique", Dutch word "ethiek" or German word "Ethik", all meaning ethical. ETEAQ is all about ethical products manufactured in an ethical way.

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